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Posted on Jul 12th 2017

16.1 – Release Notes

16.1 – Release Notes
  • Moved Influence to its own page
  • Added more data and charts to Learn (including breakdown of Social Seller Score)
  • There’s a new ‘Watchlists Dropdown’ which you get when you hover over ‘Following’ in the main navigation
  • Removed ‘Add companies’ and ‘View Topic Filters’ from list of Watchlist settings
  • Low relevance articles will be grey again (as before 16.1)
  • Add Watchlist button has been moved to above the Watchlists
  • Dealt with performance issues with news pages
  • Triggers are now shown in the CRM panel
  • Opportunities messages are automatically marked as ‘Read’ when user does anything to the message
  • Buttons in Email alerts on phones made less ‘blocky’

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