Metro Bank

Financial Services

“Metro Bank aims to offer the best banking experience in the market. Artesian will help us further this vision by gathering insight into both existing and new customers quicker than ever before. A proactive solution that will make life easier for our Relationships Managers, as well as demonstrating to our customers that we know them, that we understand their needs, and that we care” Kevin Barrett - Regional Director, London and Central at Metro Bank

The Customer

Metro Bank provides financial services to more than 900,000 customer accounts across London and the South. The first new high street bank in over 100 years, they are reinventing the rules of banking.

The Challenge

How to utilise insight that will build customer relationships and deliver a different type of banking for businesses.

The Solution

120 Relationship Managers are provided with insights, helping them get to know their customers better and deliver a competitive edge when it comes to understanding and anticipating their needs.

The Benefits

Enhanced meeting preparation. Deeper understanding and anticipation of needs. Delivering superior customer service. Value-added conversations. Create fans, not just customers.

WHO ARE Metro Bank?

A true definition of a challenger bank, they have turned the traditional banking model on its head, with an ethos and delivery approach entirely focused on superior customer service and convenience. As a result, they are winning customers and taking market share from the traditional ‘Big Five’ high street banks and growing at a rapid pace. Starting with just 4 stores in 2010, they have already grown to 48 and have an ever-growing ‘army of fans’.

The Metro Bank Story

In recent years Commercial Banking has become more and more competitive, customers are more demanding and regulation is tightening. This has created a market where customers demand better value, better service and a greater choice. Against this backdrop Metro Bank is reinventing the rules of banking in the UK. The first new high street bank in over 100 years, their meteoric rise is unprecedented.

Metro Bank’s aim is to make their customers’ banking experience simple and straightforward. This means having a deep understanding of their business, their aims, pain points and future needs. They needed a solution that would support their customer centric approach by gathering and tracking intelligence on both existing and new customers, and proactively delivering commercially valuable insights directly into the hands of their Relationship Managers. The team needed to take this information and transform it into great customer experience opportunities that would grow their lending and deposit books, win new trading business, create fans, improve risk management, and increase market credibility.

“Artesian will help give us the edge when it comes to using technology and insight to deliver great customer experiences – helping us create fans, not customers. Artesian is a differentiated product, certainly worthy of investment.”

Kevin Barrett

Regional Director, London and Central at Metro Bank

Metro Bank selected Artesian, concluding that the solution was a differentiated product worthy of investment. They also saw Artesian as a like-minded business in terms of its entrepreneurial spirit, customer-focussed ethos and uncompromising access to decision makers for enhanced relationships.

Initially conducting a pilot exercise, Metro Bank were impressed with the results delivered in a short space of time. During the six-week trial, Metro Bank users followed over 1,200 companies and received 2,700 actionable insights (news about growth stories, mergers and acquisitions, management changes and risk, as well as business and people updates). As a result, customer engagement behaviours and user productivity improved across the board. Based on this initial data Metro Bank rolled Artesian out to 120 Relationship Managers in order to:

1. Gain quicker and greater insight into their customers, demonstrating that they know them, understand their needs and that they care

2. Have value-added, insight-driven conversations about their business, not just how Metro Bank can help

3. Better anticipate and proactively respond to future needs

4. Achieve efficiencies in meeting preparation, with real-time intelligence delivered via the Ready application

5. Ensure they feel confident and prepared, and that the focus of the meeting is on the customer and their exact needs at that moment in time.

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