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A suite of tools to make prospecting, engaging and closing more deals easier

How is Artesian driving growth in the Tech sector?

Artesian delivers 12.5 million insights per month, on 800,000 companies to over 30,000 users.

  • 34%

    Greater credibility, advocacy and relevancy

  • 38%

    More prospects and opportunities generated

  • 40%

    Improvement in productivity

  • 24%

    Accelerated deal results


The leading organisations in the technology space rely on Artesian:

With the use of A.I. technology layered on top of company information, data and news, Artesian helps you uncover opportunities, build relationships and accelerate deals.

It’s used by business leaders that are reliant on a personal relationship and customer experience to grow the business.

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Product Demo

Explore the key features of the service in this short video tutorial by co-founder Mike Blackadder.

  • Account intelligence at your fingertips
  • Better anticipate and proactively respond to future client needs
  • Manage your portfolio with total visibility
  • Engage confidently, be proactive and drive the ideal outcomes
  • Foster best practice behaviour in the team


Typical Benefits

As a business leader, Artesian helps you on-board your sales team more quickly, manage risk in your pipeline and foster customer curious behaviour that differentiates your team from other competitors in the technology industry, ultimately leading to more revenue.

  • Better anticipate and proactively respond to future client needs
  • Manage risk in existing portfolio
  • Increase in the number and quality of new business appointments
  • Better customer advocacy, satisfaction and retention
  • Increase in revenue from both upsell and cross sell opportunities

Accelerate Deals

Monitor your pipeline and highlight risks or uncover insights that could help progress an opportunity

Understand Auidences

Reduce research time by 75% and improve account intelligence with detailed company records on millions of companies

Customise Triggers

Discover relevant business information and triggers for the markets, companies and, people you are interested in

Prospect Intelligently

Segment, build and export prospecting lists. Add customers, prospects, partners and competitors to your watch list

Engage Credibly

Share insights in seconds to create moments of connection that truly engage your customers and prospects

Integrated Working

Log in to or Microsoft Dynamics and see Artesian intelligence within the company record

Look up Digital Profiles

Prepare for upcoming meetings with extensive profiles on meeting attendees

Analytics Dashboard

Built-in training tracks your sales behaviour and makes sure you always look awesome

Harnessing technology affords modern sales leaders new opportunities

Keeping on top of developments in your portfolio is critical to retaining your clients. But we know it's a challenge. How do you know which one has just expanded into North America, which one's credit rating has just changed or has hired a new CFO? Missing these events could leave the door open to your competition. At Artesian, we provide timely insights that give our clients first mover advantage.

Seeking the AI Advantage?

We want to cut through the noise and tell you exactly what AI is, where we’re currently at in the evolution and why you should consider investing in AI. To do so, we’ve identified five ways in which we believe AI will change relationship management.

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Success Story

Artesian helps us capture a business moment, sentiment or intention to buy and deliver something of value and in context.

Read the NetApp story

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Beyond innovation - How technology companies can use 'insight' to improve customer experience, product and business development

The key to success is about more than designing, deploying and being first to market with innovative technologies. Technology companies may be some of the biggest game changers on the planet, but they are not immune from changing buyer behaviours and rapidly evolving expectations from increasingly informed end users.

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