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CCO and Founder

Mike Blackadder
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What does Mike do at Artesian?

Most things outside Sales and R&D fall under my remit, but most of my time is focused on our customer facing activity. This includes everything from how quickly we can get our customers up and running, the best ways to get them enabled, how we interact with them on a day to day basis and ultimately how we keep them happy and seeing value from the service. I also cover a variety of backroom functions like Finance, a tech team who keep the lights on and an R&D offshoot who are using our customer experiences to continuously enhance the logic behind the service.

About Mike

I did my time in technical consulting, mainly at Cognos who are now IBM. Gradually worked my way around a number of customer-facing roles, ran consulting for a while, switched to PreSales and then to Sales. Turned out that I was great at Sales but my heart was in the detail, so after my most successful ever year I headed off to the world of startups, first with WhiteLight then Adaytum and now Artesian. Its been a rollercoaster ever since and I don’t regret a moment.

Outside Artesian I’m an adrenaline addict. I was the 2004 Caterham Roadsport auto racing champion, I try to drive the Nurburgring once a year and get out on my mountain bike when I can.

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