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CEO and Founder

Andrew Yates
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What does Andrew do at Artesian?

I am responsible for helping shape our strategy and engagement plans. Our vision is to change the world through the provision of *the* must have app for B2B sales professionals so I have a busy agenda! I am operationally focused and aim to spend as much of my working day with customers, colleagues and our investor community.

About Andrew

I started as a sports scientist and did a post grad in marketing – I wanted to play rugby for England but only made it as high as England Students. By chance I was asked to join a grad-program which changed my life and opened the door to the most exciting industry on the planet – software!

I have been lucky to work with some fantastic mentors:

@ SCG learning from Frank O’Rourke; @ Misys learning from Kevin Lomax; @ Cognos learning from Chris Coan, Peter Beard and Ron Zambonini; @ Eyretel learning from Nick Discombe; @ Then learning from Chris Sykes [building my first software business]; @ Aprimo learning from Bill Godfrey; and @ Artesian we have Dr. Steve Garnett as our Chairman and a cast of super talented executives who teach me new things everyday.

Outside Artesian it’s all about family and all things petrol.


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