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Posted on Dec 18th 2017   |   by

Is sales prospecting dead?

Skeptics say that prospecting is dead. But that’s simply not true. The sales techniques of old, cold calling, knocking on doors, canvassing, have been replaced in the digital age, but prospecting continues to be the foundation of all successful sal...

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Posted on Dec 8th 2017   |   by

Why we all need an AI co-worker in the team

The relationship between man and machine is becoming more collaborative. Artificial Intelligence is rapidly mastering tasks that until very recently were deemed off limits for machines, with AI and machine learning applications increasingly capable o...

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Posted on Nov 30th 2017   |   by

What kind of Artesian User are you?

Perhaps the question should actually be, what kind of Artesian user do you want to be? And how can you change behaviours to boost your performance? Or… Are you a sales leader looking for a way to improve your team’s behaviours but don’t know wh...

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