What our Customers say...

25,000 leading B2B sellers rely on Artesian every day.
Here’s what they say.

"I think the system is fantastic"

"I use it every time I look at a prospect"

"I am able to share information instantly between the team which allows us to all be on the same page when working on account plans"

"This will save me at least 3 hours a week, doing research"

"This does give us info that we would have no other way of knowing and is up to date, it’s interesting that you can see who else is following the client so this does mean we can have internal conversations before bombarding the client"

"It's a really intelligent research and very sophisticated information gathering tool, which helps me build better relationships with key contacts"

"Thanks again for your help. Brilliant customer service!"

"You can be a thought leader in what you are talking about. It helps you align what you are selling to what they need. Really useful to have all your information in one spot"


"Artesian gives you updated information all the time and that’s where it's just far better than anything we've used before"

- American Express

"I love the tool and I’m not usually one to be so excited about something"

- American Express

"The guys think it is absolutely brilliant!"

"I like to see at a glance what is happening with our business"

- Scottish Windows

"The email is brilliant, it’s clear and concise and I can easily follow up if need be"

- Verizon

"I found articles which haven't been coming in from other sources"

- Deloitte

"It’s the first think I look at in the morning"

- Towergate

"Artesian ensures a joined up approach in terms of how the different teams hit an organisation based on a piece of news"

"Out of any company I’ve ever had dealings with both inside and outside of work, you guys nail customer service!"

"The Artesian alerts are much more relevant than any previous ones I've had, the news is actually about the company I want to track"

"It is a useful tool, I like the visibility of all companies"

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