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25,000 leading B2B sellers rely on Artesian every day.
Here’s what they say.

"The CS Team have been a great help. Any requests I put to them, they always get back to me really quickly with the answer"

- Adventure Radio - a Communicorp Company

"Artesian is a user-friendly, easy way to track and monitor prospects"


"Artesian captures information around the company and not just about our relationship, making us more aware of what’s happening with/to them"

"It helps you to build relationships a lot quicker and get to know your customers."

- Lombard

"I think Artesian helps keep people engaged. It's easy to forget the client"

- Delloitte

"Really easy to use, everything is in one place. It is helping build relationships"

"I know I am getting the most up-to-date information on my customers"

"It allows me to make fast decisions on patches. Prospector has saved me weeks’ worth of work"

- Sage

"Artesian's news is bang on"

- BT Local Business

"Artesian makes companies more keen to work with us because it allows us to show that we're engaged"

- American Express

"The best thing about your service is your Customer Service team; ask anyone in our teams and they say they are exceptional and the best of any providers with whom we work."

"Previously I would have had to use Google to find the companies and trawled through pages and pages. Then I would have had to go to Experian for the Delphi score. Then I would have had to pay money to Companies House to see their accounts. With Artesian, it's all in one place"


"Having it in a single portal makes it easier"

"The Prospector tool is perfect for me"

"It gives me a compelling reason to connect with my customers and prospects"

"It helps the conversations you’re having with customers and it’s really handy to have this all in one place"

"The more information you have the more knowledge you have which shows you are more interested than your average broker"

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