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Posted on Jan 31st 2017

From High Performer to top 3 Sales Intelligence for Enterprise in just 6 months



It is easy to be critical about industry awards and accolades – do they offer fair exposure and opportunity to all players in the market? How valid are the criteria upon which they’re judged? Perhaps even for the most cynical of us, how much advertising spend did the winner put up, or how biased are the judging panel?

But when accreditations and accolades come directly as a result of user insight and reviews, these trusted sources are hard to refute. When faced with complex purchasing decisions, we rarely take a leap of faith, and instead often turn to our peers for validation. This is why we’re once again delighted to have been recognised by G2Crowd, the world’s leading business software review platform, and the voice of real users.

Back in August 2016, Artesian made its debut in the G2 Crowd Sales Intelligence Software grid. Ranked as “high performing”, it established Artesian as an up and coming player in the market. Fast forward just six months and we have now been ranked as a top 3 global leader in sales intelligence for enterprise, ahead of InsideView, Avention OneSource and RainKing. In addition to receiving the Top 3 spot overall, Artesian also achieved the highest scores of the top three companies in Business Practices and Vision, (96% satisfaction rating) and Ease of Use (93% satisfaction rating), based on user reviews of over 157 products. 96% of users also said that they would be likely to recommend Artesian.

Factors influencing G2Crowd Score

What’s the secret?

We have differentiated ourselves from other vendors in our space by being the only software solution that covers all 5 stages of sales intelligence:

1. Data: Intuitive delivery of contextual, relevant information about your customers and their markets in real-time. We gather information from millions of sources and rationalise it according to what is most important to you, using natural language processing and clever algorithms to filter and prioritise the most relevant data and news, for improved ability to manage risk and spot opportunities in your pipeline.

2. Custom insights and triggers: Create tailored watch lists and personalised news feeds. Receive daily email alerts with relevant news, insights and profile changes on industries, companies and topics. Use colour coded triggers to spot business opportunities, engage with clients and manage risk for improved engagement and pipeline acceleration.

3. Sales workflow: Segment, build and export prospect lists from over 4 million companies, filtering by size, industry, region, credit ratings and other criteria. Save valuable research time and prioritise workflow around actionable insights. With integrations for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, you can manage your open pipeline more effectively, improve the accuracy of forecasting, and boost ability to act fast on pipeline risks and opportunities.

4. Measurement and encouragement of positive behaviour: Track adoption and foster best practice customer curiosity with engagement scoring and powerful analytics. Further your learning with the Artesian Academy, offering guidance and support on all aspects of our solutions to improve sales team efficiency and accelerate new starter onboarding.

5. Mobile delivery: Access Artesian from any device, anywhere, anytime, or use Ready, our popular calendar-linked mobile app to take meeting preparation to the next level. Instant mobile delivery of news, corporate data and social insight from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Companies House, Angel List, and Crunchbase; plus, quick reference profile information of meeting attendees for improved meeting preparation and face-to-face engagement.

Achieving differentiation in any market doesn’t happen by chance. At Artesian, we have worked hard to build a clear understanding of what businesses want and sales leaders (and their teams) need, both now and in the future. We constantly track purchasing decisions and market sentiment, gather feedback and ideas, and analyse user data to inform each stage of our product development.

Most importantly, we never rest. We keep building and developing our product portfolio. We are constantly innovating as well as demonstrating that we are both living up to promises and heading in the right direction in terms of future vision and development.

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