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GDPR Survival Kit

GDPR: the current state

  • 20%

    of EU businesses admit they haven't started preparing for GDPR yet

  • 41%

    of sales and marketing professionals don't fully understand the GDPR

  • 69%

    of executives consider open data to be important to their business

  • 42%

    of B2B sellers believe that a lack of quality data is the single biggest barrier to lead generation

GDPR: the next big business opportunity

The four most emotive letters right now are arguably GDPR; evoking feelings of dread, fear, confusion and constraint. We at Artesian, however, see GDPR as an opportunity for your business to reimagine sales and nurture strategies, and turn data regulation into a new way of Generating Deep, Profitable Relationships.

Business leaders like you are already looking at the opportunity GDPR presents and seeing the bigger picture in terms of delving deeper into the needs of their prospects and customers. Invest 10 minutes in one of our short papers below to see how to leverage GDPR in your role

Bring your sales team up to speed with GDPR

Is GDPR going to change the way you sell? How do you make sure GDPR doesn’t shrink your mailing lists and CRM databases by up to 60% overnight?

What sales leaders need to know

Accelerate GDPR readiness

GDPR doesn’t have to drain your organisation’s annual turnover. With our support, you can comply sooner rather than later, and keep profits looking healthy.

Download bitesize guide

Maintain business as usual

Who said GDPR meant changing the way you work? Let us show you how you can continue to communicate as normal, by complying with the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR).

Download GDPR checklist

Artesian's on a mission to help B2B commercial teams leverage the GDPR opportunity

If you’re a B2B seller, marketeer or relationship manager, our new guide to delivering personalised B2B customer strategies post-GDPR may be for you:

  • explore what the post-GDPR world looks like for sales prospecting and customer engagement
  • look at the limitations of CRM and LinkedIn Sales Navigator as stand-alone solutions
  • demonstrate how Artesian can assist you in embracing GDPR and maximising the opportunities it presents at each stage in the sales funnel
Download paper

How to win with the GDPR (and how not to)

You might be prepared for GDPR today, but how will you maintain compliance tomorrow?

We’ve put together this quick cheat sheet so you can get up to scratch with the terminology, and documented (in short form) how to make your entire customer lifecycle, and sales funnel, work better for you, using the best tools at each stage.

Here is our list of top dos and don’ts to make sure you’re approaching things the right way and maximising the opportunity GDPR presents.

Read cheat sheet

Further Reading

Got a little longer? Dive into our thought-leadership pieces covering tips for GDPR compliance and legitimate interest, using insight to improve customer interactions, and how GDPR might affect the way we use LinkedIn.

GDPR lawful data processing - why is insight so important

Need a quick fix for GDPR? Legitimate interest could be the saving grace you’ve been waiting for to GDPR compliance. Find out more about GDPR legitimate interest examples and tips for GDPR compliance.

Here's why

Helping B2B commercial teams leverage the GDPR opportunity

Top 10 tips on how using intelligence and insight can help you realise the GDPR opportunity.

Your GDPR opportunity

Tips for using LinkedIn effectively post-GDPR

How GDPR might affect the way we use LinkedIn, and how to get more value out of LinkedIn and Inmail in the post-GDPR world.

Check out these tips

See GDPR from a new perspective

Working with data every day, we understand the importance of the GDPR and what it means for thousands of companies. We've already helped 30,000 users to recognise the opportunities it presents. How?

By providing data, real-time insight and context needed to find companies, create meaningful engagements, sell more and generate deep, profitable relationships.

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