Towergate Insurance


“Artesian gives our team members the capability and confidence to engage in meaningful ways”

The customer

Towergate Insurance is an award winning, market-leading specialist insurance broker.

The challenge

To build proactive engagement and deeper customer relationships outside of the renewal cycle.

The solution

The adoption of a social selling approach for better relationship building, underpinned by Artesian’s sales acceleration and customer engagement solution.

The benefits

Complete transformation of sales culture.  Incremental cross-sell, upsell, and new sales opportunities.   Meaningful customer engagement and better relationships.

WHO ARE Towergate Insurance?

Towergate Insurance is an award winning specialist insurance broker, offering personal and business customers cover from a range of market leading policies.

The Challenge

Growth through acquisition meant Towergate Insurance needed to find a way to present a consistent customer experience across multiple brands in order to achieve sustainable organic growth in a challenging and competitive market.

Towergate Insurance wanted to look beyond current clients for new business, and manage out competitive threats to its current book by staying closer to its customers – improving and facilitating regular needs-based interaction not just at renewal time, but all the time.

Insight delivered by Artesian gives Towergate Insurance team members the capability and confidence to engage in meaningful new ways and become instinctively in tune with their customers’ business agendas. Automated market surveillance and insight gathering from a myriad of online sources delivered directly to users mobile devices provides invaluable insight driven opportunities for relevant and timely engagement.

“The Information delivered by Artesian means our client facing teams are now instinctively in-tune with our customer’s business agendas”

Towergate Insurance

Monitoring of vital changes across their customer base ensures they put real developments at the heart of all conversations. Contextual competitive information about relevant markets can also be passed to customers directly through pre-configured email templates for ensuring timely and effortless engagement.

In addition, Towergate Insurance worked with Artesian to train staff to build a culture of engagement, generating incremental cross-sell, upsell and new business opportunities that had not been realised before.

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