“Artesian Licenses are in high demand within SCC. Our new business and account management teams find it easy to evidence the difference it makes to their everyday work and success in driving new business and building relationships.” Barry Mitchell - Sales Manager at SCC

The Customer

Over the course of 3 years, SCC has embedded Artesian into new business and account management teams across multiple locations and divisions throughout the UK.

The Challenge

SCC needed a better way to stay on top of developments happening within its sales pipeline to drive new business, whilst also keeping ahead of customer needs and nurturing existing relationships.

The Solution

Artesian enables SCC’s commercial teams to refine prospecting activities and improve the qualification of leads, fostering insight-led engagements and building deeper relationships.

The Benefits

Artesian saves each user on average 3 hours every week. Users rate Artesian’s ability to identify and qualify leads and opportunities, get a foot in the door with prospects, and engage with increased credibility.


SCC is Europe’s largest independent technology solutions company, serving 2,500+ private and public sector organisations across more than 50 countries. SCC provides IT services including data centre and cloud, digital workplace, managed services, security, network and connectivity, professional services and IT funding. Clients include BBC, British Airways, The National Trust and WHSmith. SCC is a HPE Platinum Partner.

The SCC Success Story

SCC’s vision is to stimulate progress, change and improvement through the services it provides, it does this by being a highly effective and fast-moving organisation, and by building trust and nurturing relationships with its customers.

But in the rapidly changing world of IT services it was a constant battle for SCC to stay ahead of pipeline developments – new business and account management teams were spending hours every day using search engines and LinkedIn Sales Navigator to identify and define ideal targets from a vast pool of both new and historical prospect lists.

Finding it hard to pinpoint the information they needed to prospect and engage with customers in a way that nurtured trust and credibility SCC knew it needed a better solution.

Trialing Artesian

As a HPE Platinum Partner, when it was offered the chance to trial Artesian it jumped at the opportunity.

“We quickly discovered that Artesian was exactly the service we had been looking for”, says Barry Mitchell, Sales Manager at SCC.

“We initially set about refining a historical list of target accounts and found that we were quickly able to define and segment a set of ideal targets. What is more we could qualify leads thanks to the intelligence delivered, and immediately set about making credible approaches far faster than we could previously using just web search and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.”

Barry Mitchell

Sales Manager at SCC

Having completed that initial exercise, SCC moved on to a new profiling project, targeting specific verticals using Artesian.“Artesian proved invaluable during a recent large- scale profiling project. It allowed us to quickly uncover a huge list of target companies and then actively segment and refine leads thanks to the advanced insight it delivered.”


“The Artesian team were very proactive in helping us do this by providing the support and training we needed to ensure we were using its services in the most effective way possible”.


Artesian licenses were quickly in demand from both new business and account management teams within SCC, who were reaping the benefits in terms of time savings, as well as growth of new business meetings and building deeper relationships with existing customers.

The business hit a real reflection point when the HPE Partner trial came to an end, but having been convinced of the benefits, not only did it sign a new contract but grew its user base from 6 to 34 over the coming months.

Artesian licenses are in high demand

“I am 100% convinced of the benefit of Artesian for the fast-paced tech world”, explains Barry. “Artesian Licenses are in high demand within SCC. Our new business and account management teams find it easy to evidence the difference it makes to their everyday work and success in driving new business and building relationships”.

Artesian is saving SCC users an average of 3 hours per week, this translates into 102 hours per week saved for the business and an equivalent 2 FTE’s.

In a recent survey, 100% of respondents rated the services provided by Artesian as invaluable to their success.

SCC’s goal moving forward is to maintain the momentum – growing its customer base and retaining existing accounts.

“I anticipate that our Artesian license count will continue to increase”, concludes Barry. “Artesian has become a valued partner, the platform has essentially negated the research phase, giving our people more time to engage with customers, and the wrap-around support provided ensures we are always using the tool to best effect, as evidenced by our users high level of engagement. Sales is all about relationships and Artesian enables those relationships to be established faster and more effectively.”
Barry Mitchell - SCC

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