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“We have a very close relationship with Artesian. They offer a breadth and depth that you simply won’t find in any other tool” Levon McGregor - Sales Manager, Questback

The customer

QuestBack is a world leader in feedback management working with the majority of Fortune 100 companies in 50 locations around the globe.

The challenge

To increase differentiation through market leading customer engagement, rapid on-boarding of new staff.

The solution

Artesian gives Questback a data-driven understanding of what is happening in the market, new ways to deliver a differentiated value proposition and systematic building of account plans.

The benefits

The confidence that they always have something relevant and valuable to say, along with an earned right to talk about themselves.  Improved internal collaboration and sales behaviours.

WHO ARE Questback?

QuestBack is a world leader in feedback management. They work with the majority of Fortune 100 companies to improve employee engagement and customer experience.

The Challenge

In the era where customers and prospects are better informed than ever before, QuestBack were looking for a way to differentiate themselves through their product offering and customer experience. In addition, they were looking to on-board new sales team members rapidly and define a clear patch list for them.

Artesian helps them achieve these goals in a multitude of ways. Having a constant supply of content from millions of sources, including corporate data, news and social media all aggregated in a digestible format, provides them with the capability to build a data-driven understanding of what is happening in prospect and customer markets. Email alerts provide them with daily opportunities to engage, and the Prospector Tool ensures they can accurately break down and target the sectors and companies with the potential to deliver the most success for their business.

With Artesian powering their research and customer engagement, the QuestBack team always have something relevant and valuable to say. By putting the customer first, it ensures that they have earned the right to talk about themselves as they have shown a deep understanding of their customers’ and prospects’ needs – and how QuestBack’s solutions can be aligned to them.

“We have a data driven understanding of our market and our customers, always have something relevant to say, and are constantly uncovering new ways to deliver our value proposition”

Levon McGregor

Sales Manager, Questback

Artesian has also helped the QuestBack sales team become more collaborative, by sharing information, data and successful sales behaviours in a way that constantly reinforces their position and provides new ways to deliver their value proposition.

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