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“Artesian means we always have something relevant to talk about, and we make the conversation about our clients instead of all about us” Ian Williams - Origination Director, Lyceum Capital

The customer

Lyceum Capital is an independent mid-market private equity investor

The challenge

To uncover those all-important entry points that kick off new relationships with potential acquisition targets

The solution

An automated intelligence gathering solution that reveals critical events and generates high value engagements

The benefits

Deeper prospect relationships characterised by frequent, highly targeted and relevant engagement.  More cost effective and efficient portfolio management.

WHO ARE Lyceum Capital?

Lyceum Capital is an independent mid-market private equity investor, committed to adding value from the outset, through the provision of resources and expertise that accelerate growth and build market leadership.

The Challenge

Operating in a relationship based arena, the right investment takes time to identify, mature and succeed, starting with finding that all-important entry point to kick off a conversation and begin a relationship.

To do this Lyceum Capital’s origination team needs to keep track of hundreds of potential acquisition targets, monitoring everything they do and say to identify triggers that signal an investment opportunity is on the cards. They must then initiate a conversation and maintain an on-going dialogue with prospects.

Keen to move away from old-fashioned cold calling methods and achieve real first-mover advantage, Lyceum needed to provide originators with a non-resource intensive, automated and systematic way of gathering intelligence and critical event information.

Plus the ability to identify the right time and investment approach for each prospect to generate high value engagements.

Lyceum turned to Artesian to leverage Internet based insights on companies, markets and people, and generate the information nuggets their team needed to target, listen and connect effectively with prospects that fit their investment profile.

“Artesian gives Lyceum a reason to call our investment prospects”

Ian Williams

Origination Director, Lyceum Capital

With Artesian in place originators now have the ability to exploit a wealth of contextually relevant information and distinguish those ‘good tells’ that indicate a prime opportunity is on the horizon.

For example a daily alert that pinpoints a family firm recruiting an external CEO, or by using the prospector tool to effortlessly track market transactions that indicate a company is gearing up for growth.

They can then initiate timely and pertinent conversations that help drive positive decisions. Likewise, clever intelligence gathering helps them keep abreast of views and opinions which could potentially impact their existing portfolio of clients, helping them connect the dots and navigate fast moving marketplace changes.

Lyceum Capital is now building deeper relationships characterised by frequent, highly targeted, relevant and timely engagement, and achieving more cost effective and efficient portfolio management.

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