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“Artesian makes our life easier and makes us look good. We live and breathe the mantra of always striving to exceed expectations - this is why we love Artesian; they help us to demonstrate our mantra on a daily basis” Martin Camp - Head of Commercial New Business, Aston Lark

The customer

Aston Lark is a UK top 40 insurance broker.

The challenge

To cut through the traditional insurance service approach and generate growth through acquisition of new business.

The solution

Artesian gives Aston Lark the ability to always be ahead of the game and exceed expectations with increase customer-centricity.

The benefits

Demonstrable growth via acquisition of new business.  ‘Made-to-measure policies’ based on in-depth understanding.   Constant engagement for improved insurance coverage.

WHO ARE Aston Lark?

Aston Lark's ethos is entirely focussed on outstanding customer service - the delivery of ‘made-to-measure’ insurance policies that are exactly matched to client needs, and relationships built on deep understanding and empathy.

The Challenge

In an industry best described as static, almost 90% of customers tend to renew year-on-year with the same broker.  Generating growth through the acquisition of new business requires the breaking down of barriers and demonstration of value. Aston Lark needed a way to cut through the traditional service approach, by first building a strong understanding of their prospect clients, and then finding opportunities to engage with them. Likewise, they needed to retain their own loyal customers, by keeping on top of their changing needs and staying connected with them.

“I am very much a champion for Artesian. Their technology has changed the way we do business.”

Martin Camp

Head of Commercial New Business, Aston Lark

Artesian gives Aston Lark the ability to generate live prospect and client lists, populated at the touch of a button with valuable intelligence drawn from millions of sources.  This ensures they build propositions and policies based a deep understanding of client needs, and can pinpoint exactly where added value can be realised.

Daily alerts uncover trigger events and actionable insights, thereby creating a constant supply of new engagement opportunities. Artesian delivers an enviable ability to always be ahead of the game when it comes to tackling pain points, and predicting challenges, risks and opportunities; perhaps even before their clients are aware of them themselves.

Since implementing Artesian, Aston Lark have achieved demonstrable growth via improved acquisition of new customers from the big pool. They have done so by demonstrating a deep knowledge of their prospects’ businesses – their people, their sector, their pain points and their emerging risks – and by building ‘made-to-measure policies’ based on an in-depth understanding of needs and exactly where they can deliver added value.

Likewise, they have achieved market leading retention rates. Aston Lark users remain constantly up-to-date with their clients evolving needs, ensuring they are never unwittingly exposed to emerging risks or left underinsured. They keep constantly connected and never miss an opportunity to engage and build deeper relationships, using the insight generated by Artesian to reinforce their status as a trusted insurance provider that is, above all else, customer-centric.

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