What our Customers say...

25,000 leading B2B sellers rely on Artesian every day.
Here’s what they say.

"I was able to bring my research into conversation"

"The mindsetshift has really helped with my approach to sales, I can see it works"

- HP

"Artesian gives me real business sales context to engage my customers"

- Danwood

"The functionality is great. It's good to have everything in one place"

- Scottish Windows

"It’s the first think I look at in the morning"

- Towergate

"D&B gives me numbers, Artesian gives me real business sales context to engage my customer"

"It gives me a compelling reason to connect with my customers and prospects"

"The information comes to me rather than me having to go and find it. I used to get news from various sources but now it is just one"

"It's a really intelligent research and very sophisticated information gathering tool, which helps me build better relationships with key contacts"

"The CS Team have been a great help. Any requests I put to them, they always get back to me really quickly with the answer"

- Adventure Radio - a Communicorp Company

"Prospector is really good, having so many filters is fantastic as it really allows you to drill down"

"I really like this service as it allows me to see what is going on with my clients and keeps me up to date"

"Artesian is saving my team an enormous amount of time –it’s a really concise and helpful way for the team to understand what is happening with their customers"

"Artesian gives me a really good reason for getting in touch with my customers"

"I use it every time I look at a prospect"

"It’s taking relevancy into conversations, creating an environment of trust"

"No way in a million years I would have found the articles on my own"

- Danwood

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