What our Customers say...

25,000 leading B2B sellers rely on Artesian every day.
Here’s what they say.

"I would feel lost without it"

"The Artesian Customer Success team simply makes the service so easy"

"It's been great to gather information and segregate it industries, companies and specific areas."

"In a noisy world I actually read the Artesian alerts because they are relevant and valuable"

"It will be silly not to use it; it’s getting nothing but good feedback from me"

"I think it’s fantastic, I’m getting information I never would have had before"

"I really like this service as it allows me to see what is going on with my clients and keeps me up to date"

"I’m using it every day, very informative and a great way to know what’s going on with my customers and prospects"

"I used the insight to open up a whole new dialogue"

"Without a tool like this, I wouldn't be trawling the internet myself to find these stories as I don't have time"

"The Prospector tool is perfect for me"

"Previously I would have had to use Google to find the companies and trawled through pages and pages. Then I would have had to go to Experian for the Delphi score. Then I would have had to pay money to Companies House to see their accounts. With Artesian, it's all in one place"


"The sweet spot is the daily updates, monitoring what is happening around my customers, it covers my needs"

- Telefonica

"I found articles which haven't been coming in from other sources"

- Deloitte

"We are loving it, we built graduates patches in no time at all"

- HP

"This sets us apart"

"I always check Artesian before I visit a client to make sure I am prepared"

"It’s very useful to pick up pieces of information, nuggets are really good to use in conversation with customers –it helps with relationship building"

- Cisco

"Simply great!"

- Bluefin

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