What our Customers say...

25,000 leading B2B sellers rely on Artesian every day.
Here’s what they say.

"I think it’s fantastic, I’m getting information I never would have had before"

"I love the tool and I’m not usually one to be so excited about something"

- American Express

"I really like the detail and usability"

"It helps the conversations you’re having with customers and it’s really handy to have this all in one place"

"The Prospector tool is perfect for me"

"It's been great to gather information and segregate it industries, companies and specific areas."

"It is nice to see that this is a system you can use because you want to and it gives you a purpose, rather than something you have to do just because"

"I’m using it every day, very informative and a great way to know what’s going on with my customers and prospects"

"It’s a great tool"

"I think Artesian is a fantastic tool"

"I like to see at a glance what is happening with our business"

- Scottish Windows

"Without a tool like this, I wouldn't be trawling the internet myself to find these stories as I don't have time"

"This will improve the quality of our relationships"

"The best thing about your service is your Customer Service team; ask anyone in our teams and they say they are exceptional and the best of any providers with whom we work."

"The mindsetshift has really helped with my approach to sales, I can see it works"

- HP

"We are loving it, we built graduates patches in no time at all"

- HP

"I used the insight to open up a whole new dialogue"

"I am able to share information instantly between the team which allows us to all be on the same page when working on account plans"

"I like that you can see the holding company in the shareholding graph and click through to look at them - saves looking for the annual returns manually"


"Great information comes through, that will help me change conversations with customers and open new opportunities"

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